Formidable Work#

MCSI’s objective is to help our students produce formidable work. We want our students to be able to take on any challenge that comes their way, and to do so with confidence. We believe that by providing them with the necessary tools and guidance, they will be able to accomplish great things. We are here to help them grow and develop into the best versions of themselves.


MCSI provides guidelines for completing exercises. These guidelines teach students how to meet and exceed industry expectations. The guidelines are clear and concise, and they provide step-by-step instructions for completing each exercise. By following these guidelines, students will be able to complete exercises correctly and efficiently. Additionally, the guidelines will help students to understand the expectations of the industry, and they will be able to apply these expectations to their own work.

MCSI Exercise Guidelines

Personalized Feedback#

At MCSI, instructors provide personalized feedback to students to help them improve their skills. This feedback helps students identify areas where they need to continue to work and grow. Additionally, the instructors at MCSI are always willing to answer any questions students may have in order to help them better understand the exercises.

It is essential to receive expert advice in order to improve skills. This allows individuals to identify areas in which they need to grow and to receive guidance on how to do so. Furthermore, expert advice can help individuals learn new techniques and strategies that they can use to improve their skills.

The following is an example of feedback we provided to a student:

MCSI Personalized Feedback


MCSI rewards students with Gold and Platinum trophies to encourage them to produce formidable work. These trophies are a great way to motivate students to do their best and to show off their accomplishments.

MCSI Trophies

How do I win a trophy?

If you wish to obtain a trophy, the most crucial step is to put our instructors’ feedback into practice. Our goal is to assist you and the other students create formidable submissions, and we frequently offer advice and suggestions on how to create work that can win gold and platinum trophies.

Some general ideas that will help you win trophies:

  1. Attempt difficult exercises, trophies are not provided for novice exercises

  2. Produce a clean and professional video

  3. Document your code professionally, as-if you intended to release it as an industry tool

  4. Produce a report that could be be shared with an employer

  5. Apply all the guidelines that MCSI provides

Hall of Fame#

Examples of impressive and outstanding work created by some of our students are provided in this section. We describe our thinking behind awarding them Platinum Trophies and how you may get your hands on one, too!