Asking for Help#

Quick Questions#

All of our exercises contain a “Quick Question” section:

Quick Questions

How it works

  • Ask short questions (no more than 200 characters)

  • Only ask clarification questions

  • For troubleshooting questions, use the forums on Discord

  • Expect a response within 1 business day


When asking for help, here’s the information that you must specify:

  • Describe the object/thing that has the fault: What is the most specific ‘thing’ that you’re having a problem with? Be as specific as possible.

  • Describe the fault: Describe what is wrong with the object. Be as specific as possible. Do you know the cause of this fault?

  • Steps to reproduce the fault: Include steps to reproduce the fault.

  • What have you tried to resolve it? Describe what you’ve attempted by yourself to resolve the fault.

  • Include supporting documentation: Make sure to include artefacts that can allow other people to help you: screenshot, error messages, URLs etc.

Example of a great question#

The following image is an example of a great question:

example of a great question

The following are some fantastic things that Angela accomplished when she posed her query:

  • Explained very clearly what the object that has the fault is and what the fault is

  • Included screenshots of the fault

  • Described steps to reproduce the fault

  • Explained what she did to try solve the fault

Reporting Bugs#

Bugs and errors are an inevitable part of IT. No matter how much testing and debugging is done, there will always be some errors that slip through the cracks!

Have you found a bug with an exercise?

You can report a bug with an exercise by clicking the “report issue” button:

report bug with exercise

There will be a pop-up box where you may describe the bug. Our team will then receive your message and look into the problem!

Have you found a bug with the platform?

You can report a bug in the platform via the “Help” section in the right-hand-side menu.

report platform bug

We will ask you to answer four questions:

  1. What is the object or “thing” that you’re having a problem with?

  2. What is wrong with the object or “thing”? Do you know the cause of this fault?

  3. What steps should we follow to reproduce this fault?

Improving Exercises#

We would love to get feedback on our exercises! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve them, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to make our exercises more effective and enjoyable.

You can provide suggestions to improve an exercise once you’ve passed it:

improve exercise button