Cognitive Science#

Cognitive science is the study of the mind and how it works. It covers a wide range of topics, from how we learn and remember things, to how we think and make decisions. Cognitive science draws on a number of disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience and anthropology.

Professor Duane Dunston#

MCSI’s platform uses a variety of teaching methods that are supported by cognitive science. The MCSI Method™ has been reviewed by Professor Duane Dunston, who specializes in developing methods to teach cybersecurity based on cognitive science.

Here’s what Prof. Dunston has to say about our platform:

Mossé Cyber Security Institute: Part I

This is the first article in a three-part series where I will discuss how some aspects of the training provided by the Mossé Cyber Security Institute’s training are supported by cognitive science and how people learn. I will also provide some tips on obtaining the most from their training and some suggestions which could further support their students.

Mossé Cyber Security Institute: Part II

This is Part II of a III part series where I examine some principles of cognition and learning and their implementation in the Mossé Cyber Security Institute training courses and suggest areas for improvement. I’ll also provide some tips on maximizing learning with their training courses.

Mossé Cyber Security Institute: Part III

In this last article in the series, I discuss how experts can benefit from Mossé training and some suggestions to further support their learning.


Here’s what Prof. Dunston said about his results training with MCSI:

Duane Dunston Testimonial