Reviews & Testimonials#

At MCSI, we receive hundreds of testimonials, referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers. We’re proud to have earned the trust and respect of the community we serve. Our commitment to providing quality products and services is evident in the positive feedback we receive. We appreciate the confidence our customers have in us and we’ll continue to work hard to exceed their expectations.

Detailed Reviews#

Below are examples of detailed testimonials and reviews. Click on the person’s name to read the content.

Divya Lakshmanan#

This is an interview of one of our top students: Divya Lakshmanan. Within a year, Divya completed MCSI’s Remote Internship Programme and reached 50% completion on our Incident Response and Digital Forensics certification training (referred to as MDFIR). Today, Divya works on complex DFIR engagements where she responds to ransomware attacks, endpoint threats, and business email compromises. She’s proficient in Windows and Android forensics.

Nathan Chan#

This is an interview of Nathan Chan. Nathan has a knack for digital forensics, incident response, reverse engineering, penetration testing, red teaming, blue teaming, and exploit development. He is well-rounded in cyber security, taking on many hats. On a day-to-day basis, Nathan Chan is a seasoned incident responder. He believes that with the power of Google and reading and understanding books, nothing is impossible in IT. He is proficient in Windows, Mac, and Linux forensics.

Bushra Safdar#

This is an interview of one of Bushra Safdar. She began her journey in IT by completing a course in web development. This was the moment that she developed an interest in cyber security too. Bushra wanted to gain practical skills, and that’s why she enrolled in MCSI’s Remote Internship Programme. She completed the course in November of 2021 and received both a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Recommendation from Benjamin Mossé. This interview details her entire experience learning with MCSI.

Duane Dunston#

Duane Dunston is an Associate Professor at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. He teaches cybersecurity courses and mentors people transitioning into the cybersecurity field or those new to the cybersecurity industry. He is currently enrolled in the Threat Intelligence Analyst and Threat Hunter certification programs.

Anushka Lal#

This is an interview of Anushka Lal. Within a year, Anushka completed MCSI’s Remote Internship Programme while studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

Nathan Collins#

This is an interview of Nathan Collins. Nathan started his profession by obtaining theoretical certificates before moving on to practical training. He joined in MCSI’s Remote Internship Program, which assisted him in gaining the skills and competences he needed to secure a career in the field.

Samuel Romanov#

Samuel is the General Manager of DigitalShield, a cybersecurity firm selling and delivering practical and proportionate cybersecurity solutions for SMEs, startups, scale-ups, and growth companies on time with the utmost quality. He is on a mission to help businesses avoid losses and ensure their employees are protected. As a student of MCSI, he has completed our Remote Internship Programme and is now completing MGRC.

Jeremy Gardas#

Jeremy Gardas is a skilled individual. At only 18, he is able to solve technical problems that few industry professionals can. In his opinion, MCSI is the best training method available. He believes that we the best platform to become an expert in cybersecurity.

Allan Hedegaard#

Allan Hedegaard is the IT Operations Manager at GPV. He manages a large team of IT professionals that operate around the globe. His cybersecurity duties include managing the Security Operations Centre and ensuring that GPV meets all of its compliance requirements.

Lukasz Wierzbicki#

Łukasz is an application security engineer, penetration tester and vulnerability researcher. His main responsibility is to find vulnerabilities and software bugs. He took the course ‘MVRE - Certified Vulnerability Researcher and Exploitation Specialist’.

Mark Vickers#

Mark is a Director for Talent Acquisition at a Fortune 200 US company. He took the course ‘MOIS - Certified OSINT Expert’ to commence his knowledge journey about Cybersecurity and to also increase his capability in sourcing hard to find talent globally.

Scott Fenn#

Scott Fenn, CISSP has been working in various fields within technology for approximately 15 years. He currently runs his own company providing IT consultancy and security services, as well as working for organizations such as the Synack Red Team. He has specialist experience and interest in the Education, Aviation and Healthcare sectors. A constant learner, he holds over 60 certifications from vendors including ISC2, Cisco, Juniper, CompTIA, LPI, Oracle, AWS, eLearnSecurity and EC-Council. Scott frequently serves as a subject matter expert for both course and exam development.