How does it work?#

Watch this introduction video to understand the MCSI Method:


The MCSI Method is unique in the following way:

  • The exercises are real-world tasks

  • You are not provided the answers

  • You must use research, critical thinking and troubleshooting to develop the best solution

  • Your solution is manually reviewed by an expert instructor

  • The instructor will provide you with personalized feedback to help you improve your skills

  • Every time you pass an exercise, you receive a certificate and you build a portfolio of demonstrated competencies

Onboarding Video#

Here’s a short video that will give you some important tips about using the MCSI Online Learning Platform:

Useful resources

  • Create an account or login into the MCSI Online Learning platform here

  • You can access the MCSI forums here

  • Read the guidelines for asking great questions below

  • Our YouTube channel offers hundreds of instructional videos

Submission Procedure#

The following diagram shows the procedure for submitting exercises and receiving expert advice:


The instructors review exercises Monday to Friday. Your submission will usually be reviewed within 1 business day.