Student Portfolio#

At MCSI, you have the opportunity to develop a portfolio of competencies that can help you demonstrate your abilities to potential employers and advance in your career. This portfolio can also serve as a tool to assess your progress and identify areas in which you need to continue to develop your skills.

The following image is an example of a portfolio:

Jeremy Gardas MCSI Portfolio

A portfolio contains the following information:

  • Name and online profiles: Your name, the city and country you are from, and any online profiles you have (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, etc.)

  • Points and trophies: How many exercises, points and trophies you have accumulated.

  • Certifications and Career Development Milestones: Which certification course(s) you are enrolled in and the career development milestones you have reached.

  • Cybersecurity Domains: This is a completion bar that shows how many exercises you have completed in a given cyber domain.

  • Techniques and Tools: This is a completion bar that shows how many exercises you have completed to master a particular cybersecurity tool or technique.

Career Development Milestones#

MCSI’s certifications covers all six levels of the Australian Signals Directorate’s Cyber Skills Framework. You will achieve a certificate upon reaching each level.

This example is taken from our penetration testing certification:

ASD Cyber Skills Framework

What does each level mean?#

  • Level 1) Learner: You are commencing to learn. MCSI is teaching you fundamental practical skills.

  • Level 2) Novice: You have now learnt and demonstrated basic practical skills! An industry professional can now give you simple tasks that you can deliver independently.

  • Level 3) Practitioner: You have now mastered entry-level skills! Employers can allocate you to lead and deliver small projects. You have the skills to act as a junior employee.

  • Level 4) Senior Practitioner: You have now solved hundreds of hours worth of cyber problems. You can lead moderately complex engagements. At this level, you should consider applying for intermediate roles.

  • Level 5) Expert: Congratulations! You are now a Subject Matter Expert (SME). At this level, you can solve the vast majority of cyber problems in a domain. You can lead teams and deliver complex engagements.

  • Level 6) Principal Practitioner: You have gone above and beyond. At this level, you have solved all the practical challenges that MCSI offers. Nothing stands in your way to achieve greatness!

Industry Certification#

From level 2 onwards, every time you reach a milestone, you will receive an industry certification:

Industry Certification

Demonstrable Artefacts#

When you solve MCSI exercises, you produce tangible evidence of your skills and abilities. This allows your instructors to gauge your progress and identify areas where you need improvement. The artefacts you produce also provide a valuable resource for your future learning and assessment.

Below is an example of a formidable submission by Jeremy that earned him a Platinum Trophy:

Employment Tip!

The portfolio is a great way to show off your skills and work to potential employers. It is also a great way to get your foot in the door with a company. Many students have been able to get jobs without spending thousands of dollars on certifications. The portfolio is a great tool for students to use to get jobs.

A well-crafted solution for MCSI exercises can become a valuable addition to your cybersecurity portfolio, showcasing your skills and knowledge to potential employers and clients. To create a solution that demonstrates your expertise and competence, follow the guidelines and advice outlined below. By doing so, you’ll not only improve your chances of earning higher-tier trophies but also create a solid foundation for building a remarkable professional portfolio.


You will have the opportunity to receive Gold and Platinum trophies as a reward for your hard work and exceptional performance. These trophies serve as an incentive for you to strive for excellence and showcase your achievements.

  • Silver Trophy: The student has done a great job. Their work complies with the specifications and objectives of the exercise.

  • Gold Trophy: The student produced one of the best solutions we’ve seen. They went above and beyond than what was expected.

  • Platinum Trophy: The solution is formidable and extraordinary. This is the expert level!

Click here for more information about trophies

Certificates of Completion#

Every time you pass an exercise, you will receive a Certificate of Completion:

Certificate of Completion

Continued Professional Education (CPE)

You can use our Certificates of Completion to claim CPEs!

Letter of Recommendation#

MCSI provides letters of recommendation for our top students to attest to their abilities and competencies. We believe that these letters will help our students stand out in the competitive job market. We are proud of our students and their accomplishments, and we hope that this program will help them secure the jobs they desire.