Shodan Basic Searches Find Devices and Vulnerabilities#

Shodan, as we discovered in the introduction to the shodan blog page, operates servers across the world that scan Internet-connected devices and collect the banner to determine what systems are operating on the server. These Internet-connected devices will generate various banners based on the services they are running. Shodan servers produce a random IP address to crawl, as well as a random port to verify and validate the random IP and port. The banner information, IP, and port data are all indexed and accessible which makes it a useful tool for an OSINT investigator. Upon finishing the blog post you will be ready to use Shodan in your research. Let’s start learning!

Final Words#

As OSINT researchers, Shodan is a powerful tool that you may want to add to your toolkit. By the completion of this blog page, you should be able to identify banners, meta-data, services, and vulnerabilities on a specific device on Shodan.

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